65 years old on August

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Been doing this music thing for over 50 years,braving losses,deaths,and pandemics. Also fight through ridicule,jest.and just about any negative force coming against me.After losing my transparency as StevieLin Lindner on many sites on the net due to identity confusion,finally most know my birth name is Steven Charles Lindner.StevieLin is my stage name from the 70s long before the internet.I added my last name about 15 years ago,making my stage name and user ID StevieLin Lindner.When my early songs were copy righted

and published I had to use my birth name for legal reasons.

The Pandemic sent my identity into a whirlwind of global confusion for well over a year.Finally after intense re-figuring I linked my birth name and stage name to internet security for the most part.Still basically unknown locally in the Tampa Bay area,I struggle with my global vs local identity.After using many 4th party platforms for years,Im finally using my own platform ( further my brand.Now with many releases of solo works I am ready to take on the task of creating more music with chosen talented musicians,making the music a greater entity.Although I am proficient on many musical instruments,I want to work with others to further the professionalism of the brand.The website is in its infant stages and merch and more product will be available in time as long as I stay alive and well.

Thanks to all friends,fans,musicians ect.who believe in music and God Bless!! Truly,Steven Charles Lindner AKA StevieLin Lindner

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