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Born and raised in Lodi,New Jersey in 1956.

Attended Washington grade school,Lodi High School.Graduated in 1974.Been playing guitar since the age of 12.Later began singing and song writing and learned to play bass,keys,and drums well enough to compliment my original material.Played in high school in bands with Glenn Danzig,Mr.Jim Catania,Jerry Byers and many different members of the Misfits.Have many originals plus know many covers.Formed the Continental Crawler in 1976.Broke up in 1979.Other musicians played with:Mike Myers,Chaz Jones,Dan Hamersma,Glen and Guy LoIacono,Manny Martinez,Joe Bart,and too many others to list.Recent "Born Into Music"with all instrumentation,vocals,recording,mixing,ect.done at home by me.Music videos and other material can be found on You Tube,Facebook and various other areas on the Web.                Now after playing at open mics,acoustic solo gigs and gigs with local musicians in the Tampa Bay Area,StevieLin

is developing a local fan base that is aware of his global  presence on the Internet  and are developing an interest in 

the music being created.Still with no steady band mates he

prevails in he quest to create a viable live show.

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“KVHT Hit XM Las Vegas April 6 at 6:01am I like your music alot, especially 'Sun Come Up'. Hit me up on email at Mike”


“KHSX Radio- Houston‎ to Stevie Lin January 25 at 10:51pm · Sounds great! 'Born Into Music' has good radio potential. Hit me up on email at Ethan


“Sounds great! 'Reflection Of My Mind' has good radio potential. Hit me up on email at Glenn

KMIX Radio- Los Angeles

“I like your music alot, especially 'Beer Bikes and Babes'.” Lance

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